March 18, 2011

Send a thank you note to the WI-14

Please take a minute to email a thank you note to the 14 Wisconsin Democratic State Senators who left the state in order to stall the anti-worker bill.  

Below you will find the Senators’ email addresses and a sample letter.  Please copy Doug Burnett (, Debra Garcia ( and Flo Walker ( on your email so we are able to track how many are sent.  Thank you.

E-mail addresses:
Senator Tim Carpenter:
Senator Spencer Coggs:
Senator Tim Cullen:
Senator Jon Erpenbach:
Senator Dave Hansen:
Senator Jim Holperin:
Senator Bob Jauch:
Senator Chris Larson:
Senator Julie Lassa:
Senator Mark Miller:
Senator Fred Risser:
Senator Lena Taylor:
Senator Kathleen Vinehout:
Senator Robert Wirch:
Sample Thank You Letter:
As an AFSCME leader, I would like to take a moment to thank you for your support of workers in Wisconsin. 
Through your brave actions, a line was drawn in the sand in the attacks on working people.  While this was the right thing to do, we know that it was not necessarily an easy thing to do.  You sacrificed time with your own families and dealt with a great amount of pressure to stand up for what is right.  You have inspired us all.
Thank you again for standing up for workers’ rights in Wisconsin, the birthplace of our great union.
In Solidarity,

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